Sunday, 5 February 2012

Essay question:

  • Identify and demonstrate an understanding of the key ideas and theories that affect the practice, production and consumption of art, design and media
    -social, political, economic and historical contexts
  • Begin to apply appropriate theoretical approaches to the study and interpretation of art, design and media.
    -With guidance, begin to apply an appropriate theoretical approach to the study and interpretation of art, design and media
  • Research, evaluate and contextualise their own area of practice informed by key ideas and theories.
    -Investigate a range of art, design and media practices utilising basic research methods and employing standard acedemic conventions
  • Demonstrate a range of communication skills utilising academic conventions.
    -Demonstrate written and verbal communication skills

Interpreting the breif:

  • Analyse
    -Examine in detail, showing positive and negative aspects
  • Describe
    -Give a detailed account of …
  • Define
    -Give the exact meaning of …
  • Outline
    -Give the main points of …
  • Summarise
    -Give a brief account of …
  • Compare
    -Point out all the similarities between items
  • Contrast
    -Point out all the differences between items
  • Explain
    -Make clear, possibly giving examples and reasons
  • Visual Analysis: -Formal Qualities-What do you see?-Denotation
  • Visual Analysis: – Content/Meaning – How do you interpret? - Connotation
  • Critical Analysis: – Modes of Critique – Response from others
  • Assess: – Weigh up the value of and give a judgement


  • Reading, Reading, Reading
  • ‘Collect’ quotes to suit your purpose. Use reading handouts and lists for this purpose
  • Build your list of references as you build the research
  • Keep notes from lectures that could be relevant to your essay
  • Collate all research material in your journal
  • Structure your journal to suit your purposes and establish an effective retrieval system

Recomended research sources:

  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Reviews
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Elibrary & Athens
  • Internet
  • Galleries
  • Films, Documentaries
  • Essays, Dissertations
  • Lectures/notes
  • Artists’ Interviews
  • Performances

Not recomended:

  • Google
  • Wikipedia
  • Ask Jeeves
  • Student work

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