Sunday, 5 February 2012

Essay Planning

Once you have read (and made notes) on the main areas you will be covering make a plan of how you will construct your essay:

  • Introduction – this is what I’m going to say
  • Main Body – this is saying it
  • Conclusion – this is what I said

First section - Introduction (possibly just one paragraph)

  • Indicate the main points
  • What subject will you be discussing
  • State what ground your essay will cover
  • If applicable, indicate your approach or research methods

Second section – Main Body

  • Explain the subject, issues and theories
  • Give examples, supported by illustrations
  • Show what others have said
  • Comment as you go along and create a discussion

Third section – Conclusion

  • Give a brief account of the issues set out in the question (tie the conclusion to the introduction)
  • State opinions ensuring they match the strength of your arguments
  • Summarise the main points

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