Sunday, 5 February 2012

Brainstorming ideas about what I want my essay to focus on.

Do I want to look at a topic and then find relevant artists or look at an artist and look at a certain topic to do with them?

Topics that interest me:

  • Situationism
  • Feminism in art - Feminist Film Theory, male gaze, is masculinism ever portraid in art?, objectification of women in art (the female nude),confoming to gender roles in art and the gender differenciation bettween art and craft & how that has effected what we veiw as 'historical masterpeices' today, abject art (the way in which female bodily funtions are abjected by a patriarchal social order and how this is displayed through abject art), ect.
  • Where/how art objects are displayed - The effect of the gallery system, how objects become funtionless once veiwed as art object/displayed in an art gallery (museum as a mausoleum)
  • Street art as an art form - yes/no/perception of it
  • Pornography as an art form/how does situation and circumstance effect the way we veiw pornographic imagery. Why do the connotations of pornographic imagery change depending of were it is veiwed.
  • The effect of photography on painting as a medium
  • Photography as a political tool
  • The effect of editting software on how we veiw imagery/what is fake/real.

Artists that interest me:

  • Guy Debord
  • Christian Boltanski
  • Valie Export
  • Carl Andre
  • Louise Bourgeois

Usefull links: (tate gallery info on femenist art)

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