Saturday, 10 March 2012

I have been reading this as research.

Key quotes/questions brought up in the peice of writting:

  • "Why are certain qualities in art - pastel colours or large metal sculptures, for example - aligned to or with the "feminine" or the "masculine"?
  • "Does art have particular audiences in terms of class,gender or race?"
  • "Art history has often included the women who were the muses,models,wives or mothers of male artists."
  • "Why are there seperate books on women artists and so few women including general surveys of art?"
  • "question why there is such a sharp boundary between creation/pro-creation in the accounts of great male artists?"
  • Is "feminist art" a shorthand term for valuing art by women in a culture which marginalises them? Or is it a specific form of cultural intervention by women which speaks about and challenges womens'situation in the status quo?"
  • "which is more important,the art and what it says or the gender of its producer?"
  • "Feminist art history is part of a larger field of research within feminist theory in all disciplines,drawing on psychoanalysis; critiques of ideology;structuralist and post-structuralist theories of language,subjectivity and sexuality;cultural studies, post-colonial studies and theories of visual culture" - psychoanalysis is mentioned first, psychoanalysis is based around Freudian theories.

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