Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cindy Sherman

"But you can still dress up which is exactly what artist Cindy Sherman loved
doing. She turned a familiar children's game, 'dressing up as someone else,'
into art by photographing the result. In her series called 'Untitled Film
Stills' Sherman created over a hundred publicity shots reminiscent of scenes
from old B movies. She appears in every one as a general type you seem to
recognise only all too well. In denying her own identity she also captured
something of the times.
"She's got this incredible plasticity; you wouldn't recognise her in the
street. I think that many people originally felt that these were self-portraits
... but she didn't do that. I don't think she has done a portrait of anybody,
these are all imaginary creatures. The Girl capital 'G' in this situation, in
that situation, she's in danger, she's in love, she's opening a letter, like the
starlet who has no identity other than the identity the director gives her –
you're going to be a nurse in this film, you're going to be a secretary in this
film." (Arthur C. Danto, Philosopher and Art Critic)
The 'queen of no identity' now doesn't even venture into the streets to make
her pictures. Exterior scenes are done with back projection everything is
constructed and everything is done by her, whoever she is.
She's her own director, she's her own cameraman, I don't know what a best boy
is but she's the best boy. She doesn't even have an assistant ... She's just got
this table with wigs and so forth and a mirror. When I first met her I asked her
'Why did you stop doing the untitled film stills?' and she just said 'I ran out
of clich├ęs'. (Arthur C. Danto, Philosopher and Art Critic)" -

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