Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How using freudian theories to back up feminist film theory undermines the progression of feminism/women gaining equal rights to men and therefore feminist art as a whole.

  • outline this point
  • explain what feminist film theory is
  • How gender is portrayed in film
  • How it is important in art - the male gaze in painting and photography
  • how the male gaze in art adds to gender steriotyping as we see art as a reflection of the worlds around us, so it tells us its ok to veiw women in a certain way
  • reference key artists - Laura Mulvey ( riddles of sphinx)
  • how sterotypical roles in film negitivly effect progression of feminism
  • freud/why his work is unscientific
  • how the basing a key part of feminism on unscientific( freuds) theorys gives ammo to people who believe women should not have equal rights to men

Many feminists call for the abolishment of conventional cinema narritive due to its influence
on asserting stereotypical gender roles in society and the removal of single gender gaze in cinema. However this will not be achieve if the “facts” feminist film theorists are basing their theorys on are Freudian. (talk about why freud is unscientific)...without the removal of single gender gaze in art as a whole, art will hinder social change towards gender equality.

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