Friday, 20 January 2012

Stuckism research/notes

Stuckism is an art movement founded by Billy Childish and Charles Thomson in 1999. It promotes figurative painting and strongly opposes conceptual art.The name Stuckism was inspired by an argument Billy Childish was having with his girlfriend at the time Tracey Emin where she was quoted as saying "Your paintings are stuck, you are stuck! Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!"They’ve issued several manifestos, the first one being The Stuckists.Childish left the movement in 2001 just two years after its creation, in part due to their persistent bullying of Emin.

Usefull links:

art movement for contemporary figurative painting with ideas. Anti the
pretensions of conceptual art. Anti-anti-art. The first Remodernist art group.
Daubers (daubing is the new
painting).There are 226 Stuckist groups in 52 countries"-

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