Saturday, 14 January 2012

Culture Quake - postmodernism notes continued

Post Modernism:
  • Consumption
  • Globalisation
  • Post-fordism (Fordism = Setting up production lines. Exportation of goods)
  • Flexible Accumulation = aquiring resources and land to gain money
  • Shift from fordism to use of innovative industrialisation
  • Media
  • Risk
  • Movement began in archetecture
  • Rejected Modernist avante-garde, form, funtion and formalism
  • Multiplicity/hybridity (combining a number of different styles of art/design in own work)
  • Eclecticism (taking any visual elements from any source period)
  • Vernacular (the daily and local language of the people)
  • Mass Culture (high and low art mingle freely together)
  • Joy (Free use of colours/shapes and decorative effects/playfullness)
  • Irony (Postmodern art can make fun of its conventions)
  • Ego (the artists ego is displayed unrestrained and demonstraitively, sometimes in a narcissistic or exhibitionist way.)
  • Opposite of modernism
  • Is synonymous with consumerism and capitalism
  • No more high or low art
  • Lack of 'real' reality
  • Dissolution of society
  • Audiences response decides what artwork means to them and is more important than the authority of the author/what the author thinks

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