Sunday, 4 December 2011

Marcel Duchamp - Fountain 1917

I took some breif notes about him and this peice of artwork from the Culture Quake lecture and then did more indepth research in my own time.
Marcel Duchamps is well known for Fountain (1917). It is of a urinal signed with a fake signature. It is displayed horizontaly, rather than attached to a wall in the way a urinal would usualy be fitted. Displaying a urinal as art in the time it was produced was a very shocking thing but very important in how it made people question what art really is and the power of the insitution. Now if someone was to go into an art gallery and see this peice they would be far from shocked, readymades are a familiar sight in art gallerys. However they still bring up the question as to weither they are really art at all because they were not made by the artist themselves.

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