Sunday, 4 December 2011

Culture Quake

Intro to key movements and moments in modernism that shook the art world
  • Art history -> looking at the 19th century to the 20th century modernism


  • Broud movement that encompasses the first half on the 20th century
  • rejected dominance of naturalism
  • rejection of academia
  • rejection of history
  • rejection of applied ornament
  • The ashetic of a product is derived from its structural integrity
  • Aim for utopia (perfection)
  • belife that design and tecnology can transform society
  • Abstract art
  • experimental art
  • art for arts sake
  • Sought answers to fundamental questions about nature, art and human experiences
  • Strongly effected by world wars
  • Avante-garde (without boundarys)
  • Ready-made's - something that is from a factory or shop that is then used to create art.

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